From ancient times, jewelry has been made from different materials, and jewelers have used luxury materials to create their masterpieces. New materials like stainless steel and titanium have been introduced in jewelry making, and many have already used them to design stunning jewelry pieces.

Even though fashion and trends change, these three materials are always considered the primary options for jewelry – gold, silver, and platinum. Like all other jewelry, these are common materials used for bracelets. While there are other types of bracelets like gemstone, diamond, and pearl bracelets, gold, silver, and platinum are the preferred bracelet material choice.

Understanding Bracelet Materials: From Gold to Sterling Silver

Bracelets are commonly crafted using precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum due to their remarkable luster and visual allure. Jewelry makers have a long-standing preference for these metallic elements, as they offer a natural shine and aesthetic charm that is highly regarded and admired. Nevertheless, bracelets are also made of non-precious materials like plastic, bead, and other materials (metals). Gold-plated bracelets are also becoming a popular choice in the modern world.

  • Gold Bracelets

Gold is highly corrosion-resistant and malleable, making it a popular bracelet choice. With proper maintenance, gold bracelets (and other jewelry) will last longer without losing their luster or beauty. It is a valuable jewelry choice preferred by most people worldwide. It is worth emphasizing that jewelry made from gold-filled materials is not pure gold but features a layer of gold fused to a base metal. Additionally, such jewelry will not tarnish like pure gold.

  • Platinum Bracelets

Platinum is another highly precious metal for jewelry that demands a high initial cost but is worth the price (as it requires low maintenance requirements). It is considered to be 30 times rare than gold and hence is also highly valuable. Moreover, platinum is highly durable and does not wear or erode over time like gold, making it a perfect metal for bracelets. Additionally, it can offer the full shine of rubies and diamonds in their natural colors. Even though platinum bracelets are more costly than gold bracelets, they can offer your something special (with additional benefits).

  • Silver Bracelets

The speed at which silver becomes tarnished depends on the care it is given. Regular wear without proper protection, cleaning, and storage can cause more rapid tarnishing. Sterling Silver Bracelets react with the salts present in the body, leading to corrosion or tarnishing. To prevent damage, it is advisable to remove silver jewelry during harsh weather conditions and before swimming or soaking in a pool. Some brands use brass as a base metal when plating jewelry, producing appealing and expensive-looking products.

About Bracelets with Precious Stones

Bracelets featuring precious stones use prong styles, providing unparalleled dimensionality. They come in various designs, including curved, linked chains, sleek satin, or brushed metalwork. You can also find them with pave or channel settings, with pave settings embedding diamonds within metal, which is held in place with prongs. Notably, these bracelets are highly durable, especially those with gemstones like diamonds and emeralds. They are highly resistant to scratches and other types of damage, making them worth investing in for their exquisite beauty.

Other than diamond bracelets, you can also find options like:

  • Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are often considered a symbol of love, purity, and protection and are mostly worn by the bride. It is said that wearing bracelets with pearl stones can have a calming effect on people.

  • Gemstone Bracelets

Wearing bracelets with gemstones balances your soul, body, and mind. These bracelets might include gemstones like amethyst, rose quartz, amazonite, and green jade.


If you are looking for bracelets, you can find many options in different stores - from simple chain sterling silver bracelets to luxury bracelets with diamonds. But the first thing you must consider is choosing the right jewelry store (online or offline) that offers premium quality products.